Turn-Off The Lights In The Office Buildings!

During night and especially at the twilight buildings compose nicely with other elements of the photographic scene. Sometimes it looks stunning, however. There is a small issue with that and forgetting for a while the nice views, think about the energy draw this fully lighted scenery causes.

Looks Great but What a wasteWhy big offices and banks keep lights on 24 hours a day all year long?
Is it the way how they show their consideration and care for the environment? Is it how they take about saving energy and money? I doubt about that because it costs billions. Is that energy suppliers have something to do with that and banks with big corporation help them make bit bucks? Who really benefits from this type of behaviour?

All this talking about saving energy, searching for more efficient machinery and electric devices. Adding new and natural or green energy power sources such as solar, wind or waves seems pointless exercise when tera-watts are blown away. We also hear how computer manufacturers, data centres and some companies implement policies for their work forces to save and switch PCs and lights off when leaving offices but how often it can be seen?

While working in IT I was exposed to many solutions offered by IT equipment and software suppliers as well as air-conditioning manufacturers coming up with more efficient devices. It seems that there is very hight demand for low heat emitting, low-energy, low carbon foot print and highly efficient servers and PCs. And those demands come from big corporations and smaller business to save money.
One of ideas behind virtualisation apart from saving the space used by hardware, increase the data storage capacity is energy saving. But all those efforts can be seen every day while passing big office buildings in the city centres wasted big time.

Recently, I attended a panel on data storage and methods to save on space, make cooling cheaper and more efficient, virtualisation and stacking in general. Then on the way to the tube station I passed numerous banks and big corporate offices with ‘abandoned’ desks and empty offices with monitors being on and all lights up. The whole buildings having lights on which actually made me wonder how much energy is wasted every day and night. Yes, during days too because there is not enough day light in densely occupied spaces by those tall buildings.

Then it comes the ‘race’ to find and produce better energy power sources. So far the output is less than satisfactory. All this comes at the extremely high cost, money-wise and environment-wise while gain is mining-less and prices are overwhelming. If banks and their owner are not interested in saving anything but only making money it is no surprise that solutions (e.g. water powered engine; Tesla’s inventions such as “Aparatus For Utilization of Radiant Energy!”; Repulsin) being at reach of hand are buried deep and rejected.

It is illogical and doesn’t make any sense. It costs billions to create new and better ways of saving energy while even more is spent by the pointless waste. Where is the common sense in this? I see this as banks and big corporation don’t give a damn spending money just to generate costs. It is very much like politicians – saying one thing and doing something different.

Who is than real beneficiary of all that? For sure this is not the Earth or a common person.

Please, share you views.

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