Natural Healing

Is it only me or there are some other people who think that natural healing methods, those that do not use any drugs have anything to do with environment? I am 100% sure that every method and activity which is based on natural remedies such as herbal, homeopathic, acupressure or Alexander Technique all are eco-friendly. They also ‘healthier’ too 🙂 Quoting Maxwel Maltz
“Not only our body is capable of healing itself but this is the only one healing method in existence. All pharmaceutical drugs, surgeries and other therapies work mainly through stimulation and activation of our own defence mechanisms.”

So, for that reason this page has the rights on its own to exist here. I encourage anyone wishing to participate in this enormous subject to sign-in and start posting.

To begin with I would like to show you a video introduction to the Alexander Technique:

Call it as you like but for me this IS the natural method of healing! SMILE and dance!

Did you like it? OK, here are few great words from the previous video and I think, they connect well the following one; How we can heal us and the planet:

“Every person has a Super-Human power deep within them that gives them the abilities to turn thier fears into freedom, lack into abundance and create peace with their past. … This ability is accessible ONLY when One IS grateful”

         – The GratiDudes

Watch and listen carefully to this short video and observe tremendous change


Now, take a deep breath and see how She IS beautiful 🙂

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