Energy of Pyramids

What pyramids could have anything to do with energy, and especially with natural energy?


Most of us follow the major theory that they were tombs. On history lessons I was taught exactly that including possible ways of how pyramids were build. As child I didn’t gave it a proper thought, not even a an adult but it felt a bit … impossible. I mean hundreds of thousands workers/slaves building day and night for 20-40 years. Using kind of platforms to slide huge blocks of stones into place.

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Such theory seems now vastly impractical and whoever make it up had not a clue about engineering. As we know, some of those blocks weight in excess of 100 tones, there was no near-by supply of stone, there were used three types of stones and cutting out such blocks is impossible using copper chisels as thought earlier. We also know that with all our technology we cannot do it. We have no big enough cranes and the level of precision how blocks were made and placed exceeds today’s norms. It is required an extreme precision first to level-up the base of the pyramid and than make sure that all sides meet at the top exactly above the center of that base. None of those tasks could be done without highly advanced measurement tools (optical with laser). Also, its front orientation is exact to the North. This is an extremely advanced piece of engineering and with what we tend to think about, whoever did it was NOT primitive.

Pyramids were build not only in Giza but also in other location in Egypt (Abu Rowash, Abu Gorab, Saqqar) and around the globe, in Mexico, Bolivia, Peru, India, China, and even in Europe in Bosnia. They are slightly different but principles are the same.

People writing books on this subject and I’m not the expert, so what I said is just scratching the surface but I tend to agree with rather modest theory that pyramids were power station and that people were able to utilize and successfully use an electric energy produced by them. I’m not telling anybody that this is true and we should change the way we think about it but I think it is reasonably good theory and a lot better than tombs which anyway has no supporting evidence of such.

Recently, I came across an interesting video and written materials about pyramids and would like to share this with you. It gives wider scope to think about us today, our ancestors and our universe. In this video is also information that pyramids were used to heal people with sound. Well, sound possibly has also to do with their build. The video is long, so if you are interested it want be a problem.

Additionally, I guess that not many of you know about or heard about a Corral Castle and its creator Edward Leedskalnin. He claimed that he knows how the pyramids were build and not only this. Interesting reading and here is a video showing unfortunately again someone’s interpretation of his work and discoveries. This is an intriguing fact that whenever things like anti-gravity, water powered engine or really free energy is disclosed and the way of using is found all information and people involved suddenly disappear or is ridiculed and suppressed. Eventually, like Nikola Tesla unspoken genius, who took his greatest secrets with him. However, I do believe that some governments posses this knowledge unwilling to disclose it to the general public by denying its existence or by changing facts proving its impracticability. But that’s another theory 🙂


Watch the video, do further research and make your own mind.


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