Water For Life

Mission Statement

Water is not just some colorless and tasteless one dimensional liquid; on the contrary, life on earth originated from water, and all life forms depend on water to sustain them, therefore water is the fundamental foundation and source of eternal life on earth.

Without water, neither humans nor any other life forms can exist. There are some life forms which may exist without air, but none may exist without water. Simply put, there is no substitute for water.

If we can not find staples such as rice or bread, we can replace them with meat and vegetables, even if a marriage ends up in separation or divorce causing loneliness and heartache, someone else can be found to fill that hole in our lives; however, on the entire planet earth, there is no substitute that can replace water.

Life CAN NOT EXIST without water, and water can not be replaced with any other substance. Humanity can benefit as a whole by appreciating such a valuable and rare natural resource, and by furthering the field of knowledge of how water plays active role in environment and health.

Maintaining health and leading a healthy life style should never be confused with a service station mechanic maintaining and repairing a broken down car and restoring it to a running condition.

Further, without proper knowledge and information, no one can hope to attain any semblance of health without at first trying any reasonable sounding treatment or plausible remedy to see if there are any potential benefits. Modern conveniences and dizzying pace of scientific and industrial progress come at a price of pollution and befouled environment, making the environment increasingly unhealthy and inhospitable for humanity. Humanity is not the sole dependent on the natural environment, since all life forms on earth depend on the environment, however, without reflection or consideration humanity continues to corrupt and poison the fundamental resource of water. It is impossible for any one individual to reverse the environmental damages and poisoning of the water; however, if humanity consumes mere 1% of the water from a dependable clean source, it may improve and even reverse the damages to health caused by polluted water.

This is the most economical and by far the easiest way to restore health of modern human beings.

It is my mission to spread knowledge and information about the nature of water, and the reason why I did not sway from my course in researching the science of water, no matter the distraction or criticism I received along the way.

If the water we drink everyday can be made into better water, if the better made water can ensure and improve health as well as prevent or treat chronic and degenerative illnesses, that would not only benefit individuals, families, but nations and worlds.

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