What is a water?

The most common substance on the Earth. The substance which is with us at any moment in our lives; the substance we can’t survive without and the ONLY one which has 3 physical states: liquid, solid and gas. This is the substance which behaves like no other – it expands when is cooled; it is soft and hard at the same time. So, what it is a water?

Do you think you know what it is? Do you think you know all about it? Do you think you know its secrets? Did you know that this substance has memory and can influence our thinking and doing?

Watch this amazing video to find out answers to the above questions and lot more about water:

To help you understand behaviour of water and what it is from scientific point of view here is a lecture by Prof. Anders Nilsson from SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory. This lecture will elucidate the many mysteries of water and discuss current studies that are revolutionizing the way we see and understand one of the most fundamental substances of life.

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