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Eco Galactic

How to BE Honest, Make Money and Still Protect Environment while Creating Future


I couldn’t stop myself from posting this video. I have two reasons for this:

  • First – Richard Branson is my first and the only one in my entire life idol, the person I really admire
  • Second – He talks about ecological solution to flying into space and I believe Him.

Now, how many of us are fans or at least saw the Star Trek? I guess that thousands, hundreds of thousands. Can you see Sci-Fi vision turning into reality? Can you see a desire, passion and dreams coming true? I do.

What conclusion can one draw out of this? Do what you like to do or do what you think you have to do but NEVER EVER stop DREAMING!!! Never give-up your desires and do not let others to make you drop them.
There are millions of people, including your closest family and friends, who may and will pull you down because they cannot see things you have in your mind and they do not believe that what your dream of CAN become reality!

What is even more important – feel good, enjoy what you do and listen to those who question them selves looking for and expecting answers, listening and observing very carefully, knowing that for every problem there is a solution. A solution, that will present it self when the time is right and in its best form.
You don’t know what you don’t know, so THINK … the power is in you.