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Do a Good Deed for the New Year

The New Year is traditionally a time for get rid of some old ghosts in the closet and move on to pastures new.

So as we move into 2011, how about getting rid of your old banger whilst doing a good deed for the environment and also charity?

The social enterprise website Giveacar allows you to do just that. Scrapping a car can be traditionally very bad for the environment. Only around half of all decommissioned cars are treated at authorised treatment facilities (ATFs), where cars are disposed of the many pollutants associated with cars in a safe, secure and environmental manner.

However at Giveacar, depending on the vehicle’s state of repair, it will either be disposed of in this way or sold at auction. Either way, the profits of the vehicle’s sale will be donated to a charity of the vehicle owner’s choice.

To find out more about Giveacar, please visit their website: www.giveacar.co.uk. They are able to collect any car, anywhere in the UK, at no cost to the donor. Over 250 charities are affiliated with the scheme.

Breakthrough eco-friendly product launched

Published on Indian Weekender NZ
By Dev Nadkarni

Auckland construction products manufacturer Cemix has launched a revolutionary new product – blended concrete mix that contains 50% recycled materials without compromising performance.

The product, called Envirocrete, is a first for New Zealand and was launched in Auckland last week. The development of the product is an attempt to reduce the huge volume of 163,000 tonnes of concrete dumped in New Zealand landfills each year.

According to recent Auckland City Council statistics, building and construction waste makes up 17% of the 3.2 million tonnes of refuse dumped in New Zealand landfills annually.

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Aviation and Health Care Lag in Recycling Space

From Greentechnolog.com

The reasons to recycle are many and should be helpful to any business … lower  cost with less trash to dispose and pay for and “bragging rights” to promote are just two … Yet two very large “inductries” have not jumped on the recycling bandwagon …

” … a The New York Times article, Leaving the Trash Behind, explored the aviation industry’s massive contribution to global waste … millions of plastic bottles discarded at security checkpoints, but separate recycling containers in terminals or on board planes are not common. …no industry standard for recycling …”

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