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Graphine paper 10 times stronger than steel

Published by Digital Trends on Friday, 22 April, 2010 by Jeff Hughes

This is indeed very interesting product and who knows it may revolutionize many industries. However, how much it is an eco-friendly as claimed by scientists product? The manufacturing process may pose some eco-friendliness doubts but … possibly it could be improved.

New material processed from raw graphite is stronger than steel and may revolutionize the automotive and aviation industries.



Scientists at the University of Technology Sydney have developed a new graphene paper, a composite material made from processed graphite that is as thin as paper but is stronger than steel.

The UTS research team’s breakthrough with the material is the result of their unique production and heat testing method which found out these exceptional properties for the graphene paper.

The research team, supervised by Professor Guoxiu Wang, took raw graphite, purified it, filtered it with chemicals and pressed it into sheets.
The graphene paper not only has ten times the strength of steel but …