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The Maya of Ethernal Time

I would like to share with you a wonderful video, in its content, where Drunvalo Melchizedek wisely explains what is happening with our world. He talks about Maya and their knowledge, their prophecies, crystal skulls and Atlantis links; the Earth, the Universe and the life and how all of them are connected.

It takes time to watch the whole thing but it is worth it and if this subject interest you, you will not regret.

I put all parts into a play list, so you can watch it in one easy go because every next part will load automatically. Enjoy 🙂


I case you are interested in going deeper into the structure of the Universe, its physics and geometry, here is a phenomenal presentation in this subject. Nassim Haramain scientifically explains how the Universe is built and how it is reflected within us, our (human) activities and the Earth. His lecture touches on Maya and Templar Knights.
He is fantastic and charismatic speaker, so you wont get bored 🙂


Crossing the Event Horizon