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Eco-friendly products: Just add water to …

I think that the whole concept of using “house cleaners” is corrupt. We agree and manufacturers produce (now ‘better’, ecological) enormous variety and quantity of such when in principle we do not need them at all. I do not see much eco-friendliness in making them because still there are chemicals, plastic bottles and a lot of waste.
First of all, Keep Your House Clean and Tidy. This is the easiest way to avoid most of “house cleaners”.
Then, Clean Your Home Regularly. By doing so, which is a lot easier and faster you can reduce house cleaners use even further.
And last, possibly one cleaner such as dish washer can do it all.
But if you want want be really eco-friendly, try ordinary soup, vinegar and baking soda. They will help you clean windows, cooker, fridge, floors, toilet bowl and bath tube.

Below, it is how some see the household cleaners to be an eco-friendly

Published by NJ.com on Friday, 27 May 2011 by Kimberly L. Jackson

… new highly concentrated household cleaners in reusable bottles

The latest eco-friendly household cleaners are coming in tiny cartridges, sold with empty spray bottles and aiming to reduce plastic waste by asking buyers to add their own tap water to the highly concentrated formulas.

Unlike old-school concentrates that are diluted in a bucket of water, these cleaning agents are dispensed from small units called pods. In the case of two brands, Just Add Water System and Planet People’s IQ cleaners, the spray bottles are first filled with water to a specified level and the pod is inserted into the bottle’s neck.

The pod releases active ingredients into the water when the sprayer tube is inserted through its top and the cap is tightened. Both products require only 1/3 ounce of cleaner per bottle. Once empty, refill pods allow the bottles to be reused.

All said and …