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Published on Now Toronto on Thursday, 19 May, 2011; When you’re addicted to the planet by Adria Vasil

Why don’t green cleaners like Ecover list all their ingredients?

Sometimes you have to put on waders and trek through a swamp to get a good answer in life. Other times the answer is quick ’n’ dirty, as it is today.


Why don’t most green cleaners, or any cleaning products for that matter, divulge all or any of their ingredients? Simple: no one’s holding a squirt gun to their head.

We now have mandatory ingredient lists on cosmetics (not the case just five years ago), but there’s still no sign of compulsory content listing on dish detergent or toilet bowl cleaners. It’s an outrage, really, considering all the lung-irritating, skin-inflaming, hormone-disrupting, water-pol-luting and cancer-linked cleaning chemicals on the market.

You’d think green cleaners …