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Eco Building Products Continues to Be the Product of Choice With Custom Home Builders

Published by Market Watch on Wednesday 07 September 2011
A custom home builder in Southern California offered Red Shield(TM) protection to their client and they both agreed it was a worthwhile investment. The owner of the construction company was looking for innovative products and has embraced Red Shield(TM) technology to stand out in today’s market. ECOB is shipping from inventory over the next few weeks the entire house package for this custom home located in the gated community of Pelican Hill Newport Beach, California.

The sales and marketing campaigns of Eco Building Products are starting to stand out. In our opinion, an increase in orders from the custom home builders, in the Southern California market, has indicated that Red Shield protection against Mold, Wood Rot, Termites and Value Added Fire is in demand.

“Custom home builders …

Wind farm manufacturing deal signed

Reprinted from Low Carbon Economy posted on 02 November 2010
A deal has been signed to construct components for one of the world’s largest offshore wind farms in Wales, safeguarding over 300 jobs. 

Burntisland Fabrications Limited entered into a £12 million contract with RWE npower renewables to design and construct two substations for the Gwynt y Mor Offshore Wind Farm.
Some 350 jobs are expected to be safeguarded by the contract, at the Fife-based company’s BiFab Methil plant. Work on the substation platforms is due to be completed in March 2012, with installation expected to take place the following month.

Further work on structures which will be used to secure the platforms to the seabed will take place at the BiFab Arnish facility at Stornoway, Isle of Lewis, securing a further 40 jobs.

First minister Alex Salmond welcomed the news. “Together with our huge natural renewables resource, Scotland has decades of offshore energy engineering expertise that can play a key role in meeting our renewable energy and carbon reduction targets,” he added.

The world’s largest offshore windfarm – Thanet – was opened off the south coast of the UK by Vattenfall in September.

BP’s Bizarre Photo Alterations

By Nick Zantop and published on ItsJustLight

Having worked as a photographer for several years, I have spent many sleepless nights with Photoshop open, “perfecting” images for fashion editorials and advertisements. A slightly higher shoulder, maybe a different color for the background, perhaps hair that is a bit longer. By nature, photographs lie. They capture only an instant, a sliver of time. It is up to the photographer to create a coherent story through these little lies, creating a larger truth when viewed together. Photoshop and other image editing software enables the photographer (or anyone) to turn a white lie into a dark thunderstorm of a lie, or more innocuously, to simply make parts of an image more visible.

After traveling over one thousand miles from Florida’s Panhandle to Grand Isle, Louisiana and back to document the devastation wrought by the deadly sea of crude oil, I feel confident when I say that BP is not handling the disaster as well as their multi-million dollar TV commercials and newspaper ads would like us to believe. I encountered a cleanup effort that seemed to focus its greatest attention on easily accessible beaches frequented by tourists, leaving more secluded areas awash with death and oil.

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What is the Impact of Wealth on the Environment?

What I’m going to say may have nothing to do with ecology or environment but … it helps with wealthy living.

Wealthy living may have immense impact on the environment; both positive or negative. Obviously, it will depend on what one will do with its wealth but I choose thinking positively. 🙂

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