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Eco-friendly products: Just add water to …

I think that the whole concept of using “house cleaners” is corrupt. We agree and manufacturers produce (now ‘better’, ecological) enormous variety and quantity of such when in principle we do not need them at all. I do not see much eco-friendliness in making them because still there are chemicals, plastic bottles and a lot of waste.
First of all, Keep Your House Clean and Tidy. This is the easiest way to avoid most of “house cleaners”.
Then, Clean Your Home Regularly. By doing so, which is a lot easier and faster you can reduce house cleaners use even further.
And last, possibly one cleaner such as dish washer can do it all.
But if you want want be really eco-friendly, try ordinary soup, vinegar and baking soda. They will help you clean windows, cooker, fridge, floors, toilet bowl and bath tube.

Below, it is how some see the household cleaners to be an eco-friendly

Published by NJ.com on Friday, 27 May 2011 by Kimberly L. Jackson

… new highly concentrated household cleaners in reusable bottles

The latest eco-friendly household cleaners are coming in tiny cartridges, sold with empty spray bottles and aiming to reduce plastic waste by asking buyers to add their own tap water to the highly concentrated formulas.

Unlike old-school concentrates that are diluted in a bucket of water, these cleaning agents are dispensed from small units called pods. In the case of two brands, Just Add Water System and Planet People’s IQ cleaners, the spray bottles are first filled with water to a specified level and the pod is inserted into the bottle’s neck.

The pod releases active ingredients into the water when the sprayer tube is inserted through its top and the cap is tightened. Both products require only 1/3 ounce of cleaner per bottle. Once empty, refill pods allow the bottles to be reused.

All said and …

Organic insight

Published by Garden Center Magazine on Wednesday, 18 May, 2011

Garden Writers Association Annual Webinar reveals survey findings on natural and organic gardeners

Consumers are more likely to purchase products described as “natural” or “eco-friendly,” according to findings presented at Garden Writers Association’s Annual Webinar (www.gardenwriters.org) held March 24. The session, sponsored by Scotts Miracle-Gro, offered an overview of results from a survey conducted by market-research company Ipsos-Reid.


The survey asked participants about “natural” and “conventional” lawn, garden and indoor-insect control products. The “natural” category included products described as “green, organic, natural or eco-friendly.” The products could be homemade or purchased in stores.

Results showed that …

Bamboo is a bust as a green product

Bamboo IS natural material, different issue is how was it grown?

When nobody knows what is going on, it is in most cases about money. It could be political agenda too. Either way, I have a feeling that there is someone behind this issue.
Claiming that production is not entirely pesticides free sounds like a joke in light of mega-tones of pesticides and herbicides being used by farming industry to produce “healthy and organic” food.
Any way, read the article and have your own opinion.

Article published by Star Tribune on 17 February 2011 by JOHN EWOLDT
Five years later, the “it” eco-material is hard to find in stores. What changed?

When Matt Joyce of Woodbury tried to find a replacement set of his favorite bamboo/cotton sheets at Target recently, he left empty-handed. Target no longer carried them. Neither did Kohl’s, Macy’s, Wal-Mart or Lands’ End stores.

“I thought bamboo was supposed to be so versatile,” he said. “What happened?”

Once described as the perfect raw material, bamboo has many desirable properties. It’s strong and versatile. It also grows much faster than trees, requires little water and fertilizer, and doesn’t require replanting after harvesting.

By 2006, consumers …

Eco-friendlier cleaning products marketed

Published by AZ Central
on Thursday, 6 January 2010 by Mary MacVean
LOS ANGELES – Maybe 2011 is the year a clean start means returning to Grandma’s scrubbing ways and getting down on hands knees with simple baking soda and vinegar. Or maybe it means staring down that supermarket aisle of cleaning products and making better choices about the dizzying selection of powders and liquids that claim not only to clean but also to be healthy for people and the planet. Sustainable, Earth-friendly, green, renewable – what do the words tell a shopper? 

“The last 24 months was a real sea change as large traditional brands are introducing greener or green versions of products. I believe that trend will continue,” said Jeffrey Hollender, author of a new book, “Planet Home,” and former chief executive of the cleaning products company Seventh Generation.

“On the industry side, …

Huge Eco-Friendly Self-Build

Published by Homebuilding & Renovating
on Saturday, 18 December 2010
At 1,550m2, just how does John and Leigh Croft’s self-built Cotswolds home justify our Award as Britain’s Best Eco Home? 

If ever a self-build project could be deemed ambitious, it’s the new 1,550m2 (yes, it’s some 21 times larger than the UK average) home of John and Leigh Croft in the Cotswolds, east of Cheltenham. For the big story here is not just that it ever managed to happen in the first place – the planning process wasn’t particularly run of the mill – but that it can also claim with some justification to be an absolutely A1, top-of-the-class, eco-friendly home, despite its whopping size.

This being a plot within an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB) in the middle of open countryside in the Cotswolds, John and Leigh’s vision of building a contemporary family home was always likely to meet resistance.

It was actually the conservation officer …

Greener home can be healthier too, says Hemingway

Published by Chicago Tribune
By Leslie Mann, Special to Tribune Newspapers on October 12, 2010
Whether we live in Hollywood, Calif., or Hollywood, Fla., we all want the same thing — health, says actress and author Mariel Hemingway.

The granddaughter of writer Ernest Hemingway found fame in the early ’80s for her movie roles. But in the past few years, she’s become well known as an advocate for healthy, green living. Currently, she’s working with the non-profit organization Healthy Child Healthy World and eco-friendly countertop-maker Cambria to promote healthy choices in the home. Our lifestyle decisions, she says, do not always contribute to good health. “We say we want faster and easier lives, but the result is slower and sadder because of foods and products we use.”

Health-focused home …

This is an interesting how things are changing.

Not so long time ago most of us wouldn’t even had a single thought about ‘green’ home to live in and now the health side of living in an eco house becomes important. I hope for it to turn into standard because it will benefit us all. I’m a strong evangelist of building eco-friendly, healthy, self-sustainable with 0-carbon footprint houses.

My wish is for every person living on the planet to have an eco-friendly house but being more realistic – lets have them everywhere where someone can benefit from having one. At the time of writing, my first port of call is the UK 🙂

Eco-friendly boutique online

By Maire McMahon and published on The Post and Courier
Thursday, August 26, 2010

Sara Manucy is an environmental enthusiast and outdoorswoman. When she is not working for Charleston Naturally, the Charleston native can be found biking, sailing or walking her 10-year-old golden retriever mix, Honey.

Manucy met Charleston Naturally founder Sharon Harvey at the Serenity Now yoga studio in Mount Pleasant. After discovering their common love for Charleston, eco-friendly products and the outdoors, the Charleston Naturally team was born. Work on the business started in June 2009, and it began operations in January.
Read more HERE

Very interesting and well designed shop they are running. Well, it is not that simple, it is rather more an exclusive store with eco-friendly products for babes, brides, home/garden and pets as well as for body (I presume women) pampering.

I must admit I found some stuff for men too 🙂