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BP’s Bizarre Photo Alterations

By Nick Zantop and published on ItsJustLight

Having worked as a photographer for several years, I have spent many sleepless nights with Photoshop open, “perfecting” images for fashion editorials and advertisements. A slightly higher shoulder, maybe a different color for the background, perhaps hair that is a bit longer. By nature, photographs lie. They capture only an instant, a sliver of time. It is up to the photographer to create a coherent story through these little lies, creating a larger truth when viewed together. Photoshop and other image editing software enables the photographer (or anyone) to turn a white lie into a dark thunderstorm of a lie, or more innocuously, to simply make parts of an image more visible.

After traveling over one thousand miles from Florida’s Panhandle to Grand Isle, Louisiana and back to document the devastation wrought by the deadly sea of crude oil, I feel confident when I say that BP is not handling the disaster as well as their multi-million dollar TV commercials and newspaper ads would like us to believe. I encountered a cleanup effort that seemed to focus its greatest attention on easily accessible beaches frequented by tourists, leaving more secluded areas awash with death and oil.

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