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Carbon Neutral Plans for the UK

By Sustainable Build.co.uk

In his 2006 pre-Budget speech the Chancellor at the time, Gordon Brown mentioned his wish to see Carbon Neutral homes being built throughout the UK, and this year, Communities Minister Ruth Kelly fleshed this wish out with solid Governmental plans. These include tightening local planning and building regulations, to emphasize the preference for Carbon Neutral initiatives, and the introduction of a star rating scheme, similar to the way washing machines, dishwashers and fridges are now labeled for energy efficiency, that will show each property’s energy values in a clear and easy manner to potential purchasers. This will be called the Energy Performance Certification Scheme. Also, exempting carbon neutral homes from stamp duty is planned as a financial incentive for developers.

Furthermore, all newly-built houses will have to be operating as carbon neutral by 2016. The Government plans, still at this stage a document for public consultation, not yet a proposed bill or legislation, are called ‘Building a greener future: Towards Zero Carbon Development’. …

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My intention is manufacture eco-themal blocks from sawdust and cement which allow for single, fully insulated wall. Those give performance satisfying the requirement for 2016 0-carbon level. Of course, other applications will need to embedded for this but you can save a lot on basic building costs.

No cavity wall (less material); much faster build time (lower labor cost); wall ‘can breath’ (no problem with moist in the house); it keeps warm in the winter and cool in the summer – nice and healthy living, like in a log house 🙂