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Climate Change and Your Food: What you don’t know will…

Is it how most of us are thinking?

It was amusing but at the same time disturbing reading the below article, so I couldn’t resist to comment. It put me in such writing mood that comment became an article in its own right, so I decided to publish it on my blog.
Please, read the article and if you find it interesting come back to read my reply.

Article published by The Technocon on 4 February 2011 by Reverend De Lorie
Too many people deny that climate change is a problem and from a base point of view you could argue that things happen in nature. Ordinarily that would be fine if climate change was a philosophical discussion as in “Is man ethical?”. Whether or not climate change is naturally occurring or the product of man’s apathy, the effects it is having on our planet is upsetting the balance. It could be possible that no matter what we do now, it is already too late. The first domino has begun to fall and the inertia is too great to stop. We have been talking a lot about green and conservation and how to live a greener lifestyle but the future is going to demand more than that from your family. If you are to survive, you will have to adapt to the changes in our environment.


Here is the thing. If you could see a train heading straight towards you. Would you move or wait until the train smashes you into bits? If you know climate change is having an adverse effect on our way of life and you are not taking precautions. Is it not the same thing as standing on the tracks waiting for the train to crush you?

As the threat becomes more apparent …