Warning – GM Food

I don’t know what to say; this is simply terrifying!
Genetically modified soy or products from it (oil, lecithin) are almost all over the world in almost every food product! Some companies, like Monsanto is taking control of all crops and its production. Many other crops, vegetables and fruits in the mass-production of highly processed foods is affected by GM.

The processed food is also contaminated by variable chemicals making food just resembling what it originally was or supposed to be.

  • What kind of thing is that is something called Yogurt which has no milk in it and not a trace of digestive bacteria mentioned on the packaging?
  • What kind of meat is something that comes from animals fed with GM food and growth hormones and than treated with chemicals to make 1,000g out of 300g?
  • How on earth one can call a thing made of soy oil a cheese?

A milk, cow’s milk is a substance which causes health hazards! We have been told that is good for us, that it contains calcium to build … yes mainly calf’s hoofs and horns.
What is does to us is that it removes a calcium from our bones, which is opposite to what we are looking for. The cow’s milk is one of the serious culprits responsible for osteoporosis and lot more illnesses. Have you ever noticed that in the nature off-springs are fed by milk only of its own species and this takes relatively short time? Every mammal stops doing it and begin to eat what adult animals eat and they never come back to it but sadly, excluding humans.
We have a hormone responsible for digesting a milk but we loose it in the age between 4-6 years of age.

Any way, this white substance called milk and being sold as such is not even that.

Video to be watched on YouTube
The Whole Truth About Milk

There is not much to believe in or not. The existence of GM and highly processed and unhealthy food is a fact.

I thought that “fresh” fruits and vegetables purchased in supper markets are good and healthy but I was so wrong. Most of them are not. They have no vitamins and minerals, they are only look-a-likes to what we used to call an apple, a tomato or broccoli. They have no taste, no smell or value. What they have is a shape and a colour resembling long forgotten originals.
However, we supposed to eat over 50% of raw food for their nutrition values because cooking is removing them. This raw food could be vegetable and fruits or nuts. The issue is where to find them and how to make sure they are coming from really organic farms and are not spoiled by GMs.

If you have a bit of time and want to know than please, watch the video below.



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