Serious Virus Warning

Reprinted with the consent of the author. Published as an eCademy blog post on 5th Sept 2011 by Jon Majeika

Generally I do not forward virus warnings let alone write one myself. Most of them are hoaxes and do nothing but waste time and spread fear. That is interesting in itself as the virus that I wish to warn you about is called fear and it has spread throughout the world. And have you ever noticed how quickly those fake warnings spread? Bad news travels far and fast.

When you start to read about the effects of this virus you may think that I’m about to hit you with a punch line and that it’s all a joke. Sadly, in this instance, I’m not. Although one thing we all need to have to is a sense of humour.

The Virus

This virus, the virus of fear, is so powerful that it doesn’t need a computer to spread it. It has far greater impact than stealing your credit card details and wiping your C drive and it can rob you of your identity.

It is spread from person to person and although it is not a medical condition it may be regarded as an illness and it is more prolific and deadly than bird flu and swine flu combined. It is pandemic.

The fear virus is spread by the media, by newsreaders and newspapers, by politicians, by friends, by teachers, by religious leaders and even by parents. Few are safe from it’s powerful effects.

The fear virus is started with a seed of negative information; “tough times are ahead”. This spreads rapidly from person to person, from news item to news item and people start reacting to it: focusing on their fear of loss, changing their spending habits, reducing investment in their businesses, talking more and more about all that is bad and negative. Before you know it, it has spread across the world and become reality. Fear of loss is self-perpetuating and deadly. Jobs, businesses, and even lives are lost. Worldwide the belief that resources have somehow, suddenly and miraculously become more scarce can even start wars.

The Cure

However, unlike a medical virus which has to be left to run its course and cannot be treated with drugs, the fear virus has a powerful remedy… a positive mental attitude.
Avoiding and dismissing negativity and immersing oneself in all things positive is as powerful a “virus” as fear. There are many ways we can do this. Surrounding ourselves with positive people is key. Reading books on personal development and success instead of watching “the news” and reading mainstream newspapers. Being involved in an organisation that focuses on bringing about positive change.

As positivity spreads it brings about hope which leads to belief, faith and joy. This positive energy spreads from person to person and a rising tide of energy creates happiness and opportunity. Again peoples’ spending habits change but this time for the better. Investment in businesses increases and with it jobs, and income opportunities.

The Message

The underlying message is that the way we think as individuals determines what happens in our lives. The human being is, as far as science is aware, the only living creature that has the ability to choose their thoughts. If you allow others to determine your thoughts you will lead the life that they determine. The thing is, it’s easier to go along with everybody else and allow the fear virus to control us. Change takes determination.

There’s an old saying “be careful what you wish for”. It should not be taken lightly. A wish is a thought. Be careful what you think about for what you think about you bring about; both good and bad.
Many minds thinking together are vastly more powerful than one. Wholesale fear has brought pain, misery and suffering. Wholesale hope, belief and faith will bring happiness, joy and abundance.

Please share this message with those that you wish to help and protect… as you would with a computer virus warning.


If changing your thoughts and therefore your life is of interest to you please feel free to contact me. I can help you choose a starting point. It may be a book, a film or even a seminar. In fact the most powerful seminar that I have ever attended is being held in Amsterdam in less than two weeks time. Come with me.