Green And Clean Floor Solution

Researchers have found that household dust can contain a surprising amount of different chemicals – over two dozen toxic substances have been identified in samples of typical house dust, including pesticide levels nearly twice as high as in average soil samples. These residues are mainly brought in to our houses on the soles of our shoes, so taking our shoes off before walking further into the house is the first step to keeping your floor looking clean and staying hygienic.

Just as when you invest in wardrobes or make any other major purchase for the home, if you’re investing in a beautiful wooden floor you’ll want to maintain its natural splendour and help it last and last. The most environmentally friendly way to do this is to make your own cleaning solutions. This will also save you money as a home-made solution is cheaper than anything you will find in the cleaning department of your local supermarket. Not only that, but the lack of harsh chemicals in a home-made solution means that it is better for you (you will inhale no toxic chemicals when using it), and your hardwood floor as well.

If you decide to buy cheap white bedroom furniture, your smart new bedroom décor can be seriously undermined if the floor isn’t clean. It will be the first thing visitors notice, rather than your fabulous new wallpaper or hand-embroidered pillowcases. Clearly it’s important to keep flooring and flooring accessories (such as skirting boards and pipe ferrules) clean, for aesthetic and hygiene reasons but that doesn’t necessarily mean you have to wage war with a lot of industrial chemicals. Natural hardwood floors don’t have to be any more difficult to care for than carpets.

With that in mind, why not look on the internet for recipes for eco-friendly cleaners. Usually all you will need is everyday ingredients such as boiled water, teabags, distilled white vinegar and lemon juice to keep both your green credentials intact and your floor clean and shiny. Also, this well prepared pdf document (“Do It Yourself RECIPES for ECO-FRIENDLY CLEANING“) I found on website will help you in making non-toxic and eco-friendly solution for your home.

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