Free Energy

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Free Energy Generator. Wow, can you believe it? Well, to be precise, it is the energy that is generated for free.

We have this sort of thinking, if something is for free it cannot be good, isn’t it? But this is good whatever you think.

I’m sure that most of us have heard about alternative energy sources, those that no one wants to speak about. These are water powered combustion engine (the one cars are running on) or magnetic engine. Most inventions of this type are suppressed and kept secret. Why, because of major world-wide corporations trading crude oil and those who have coal or nuclear power stations. It is humongous market and money, so none of them is interested in you having your own, small power plant at your own house and not paying bills. 🙂

See this video showing the interview with the inventor and his ‘baby’:

So, here is a solution: a self-powered, magnetic generator which can deliver enough energy for the whole house. And you know what, this is the best – you will NOT pay any bills for electricity any more! Or at least, you can cut them down by over 50%, does it sound good?. The price that was mentioned, was it $5000 Australian Dollars, right? This one-time expense and you have electricity to the end of your days.

It is safe and runs … permanently without any input and it is safe for the environment too. There is no smoke or gases or any other pollutants resulting from its work. The only output is the CLEAN electric energy.

The free energy generation is an interesting subject. Especially now, when our natural resources are closing to the end. We have number of different ways of doing so but only few are neutral to the environment. However, many will argue that even water powered station is not entirely green (I think it is if we forget the the build time, transport, all manufacturing process of power generators etc. and we begin from the moment it has been started.) They are probably right but what about solar or wind power? The same issue with manufacturing process, mainly photo-cells. OK, what about generating hot water without heating it in conventional way, without using gas, oil but a little of electrical energy?

The video below is about it:

You my be surprised as it is not the electric energy generator and definitely it is not for FREE, however. As you could see the idea behind generating energy holds. This is because by using a small amount of electrical energy the out come is the hot water or steam in seconds! This actually generates more energy than it was delivered. Any physic’s law has been broken here? It seems likewise. You my remember that we have been taught it should be opposite, that it is less energy of different type is produced for the amount sourced and this is mainly because of losses such as for heat or resistance.

Think about it.


For some reason the first video showing free energy generator is kept removing by YouTube very often and I need replacing links. Very ‘convenient’ :).

It may be due to the owners whose link is shown at the beginning and refer to the guide on how to build your own electricity generator. I do not want to take sides if this is scam or not but some claim that it is. You may read an article published by the Off-Grid on their site here and make your own judgment. Also, has their own view on the subject of “Magniwork” but I do not see the connection between home-made device, site promoting it and the generator depicted in the video itself.

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