Clean Water by Dean Kamen

It is around a year ago when I read about water purification device, named Slingshot. It has been developed by Dean Kamen and his team with underdeveloped countries in mind.
The device looks simple, two pipes sticking out, one you put into anything that looks wet and from the other one fresh and clean water comes out.

As Dean is saying “We didn’t invent vapour compression. We didn’t invent the distillation process. We didn’t invent any fundamental understanding of the Second Law of Thermodynamics. But we did make a lot of little inventions to make a small scale, highly reliable device that frees us from having to measure what’s wrong with the input water. There’s a lot of technology in there that we’re quite proud of.

The cost at the time mentioned was £1000 and it could make enough water to split cost between few hundred people.

I’m curios at what stage this project is now. I couldn’t find any latest information than from 2009.  Below is a link to a video where Kamen presents the Slingshot

Clean Water Solution

I think worthwhile is also to take a look at DeKa site run by Dean Kamen. Very inventive personality.

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