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The ‘forbidden fruit’ of medicinal mushrooms

Published by CNN on Thursday 27 September 2012 by Elizabeth Landau

(CNN) — Paul Stamets was shy as a child; he couldn’t look people in the eyes, so he stared at the ground. And that, he says, is where he found mushrooms.

Today, that shyness has faded, but mushrooms are even more of a focal point.

Stamets is one of the most prominent proponents of using mushrooms for medicinal purposes. Besides traveling the world to look for exotic mushrooms, he also lectures about them and runs a mushroom supplement company with his wife called Fungi Perfecti.

When he spoke at TEDMED in October, he even wore a mushroom — his hat is made from birch polypore, which is also thought to have medicinal uses.

Why aren’t mushrooms being used more often …

Asbestos and its international ecological and environmental impact

The century-long reign of asbestos as a commonplace building material may be over in most parts of the world, but its devastating ecological and environmental impact is likely to last for generations to come. That’s because asbestos fibres are found in our homes, our schools, and our government buildings, and can contaminate our soil and our drinking water. Prolonged exposure to asbestos is linked with fatal diseases—mesothelioma, asbestosis, and lung cancer. Let’s take a closer look at the consequences that this hidden killer has on our environment.

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Alert – Chemtrails

By Liloumace on 27 Sep 2011

From website breathtaking documentary exposé that uncovers the clandestine global geo-engineering operations underway for years.

Under the guise of the “global warming” fear campaign, governments and other corporations have been adding millions of tons of aluminium, barium, strontium, polymers, and other substances to the atmosphere around the world. This has been done without the knowledge or consent of the population!!! What are the effects? How does the ongoing dumping of chemicals into our skies affect the air we breathe, the sunlight we receive, our water and our soil?

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You Can

Today I would like to share with you one idea, the idea as old as the Universe but gracefully and with great love given to us – the idea of self-healing.

Louise Hay is one of the few who helps us understand it and use it for change and healing our life. Louise is not different to you or me but she found the way and now share it with love. Most of us may not be able to see or speak with her but she is an author of “You Can Heal Your Life” book which gives you all you need to so.

To help you further Louise Hay put together series of exercises (“Love Yourself, Heal Your Life Workbook”) with Q&S and affirmations.

This interactive workbook is really about change. It directly applies Louise’s techniques of self-love and positive thinking to a wide range of topics that effect us all on a daily basis, including: Health Fears and Phobias, Sex, Self-Esteem, Money and Prosperity, Friendship, Addictive Behaviour, and, Work and Intimacy.
Yes, You Can Heal Your Life

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Popular Herbicide Blamed in Tree Deaths

Popular herbicide? How plant killer can be popular and considered eco-friendly??? Sadly it can, and it is in agriculture!
But anyway, I’m strong advocate of natural and healthy living and wouldn’t use such thing on my grounds, so anyone who is using such should take full responsibility on it self, regardless of who made it and what does it say on the tin.
American way is to sue and blame everyone but not themselves. I think the Michigan-based Polo Fields Golf & Country Club should now be sorry for using toxic chemicals in the first place, it is THEIR OWN fault ONLY.
Also, claims made by DuPont and the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) that some plant-killing chemical is ‘safe’ to anything is ridiculous and illogical. It would be beneficial to all of us to ignore them both and not use herbicides, pesticides and the like never ever again. It is my opinion, yours might be different.


Here is an article discussing those issues

Published by Green Answers on Sunday 17 July 2011 by Paulina Perlin
Originally considered an eco-friendly alternative to other landscaping products, recently approved and commonly used herbicide Imprelis has been pinned as the prime suspect in the deaths of thousands of eastern white pines and Norway spruces, among other trees, across America.


A product of DuPont, an international company that claims to create sustainable solutions, Imprelis emerged in the market this year, after being conditionally approved by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) last October. Accounts of dying trees came months later, with a cluster of reports surfacing around Memorial Day.

In response to the deaths,…


Published on Now Toronto on Thursday, 19 May, 2011; When you’re addicted to the planet by Adria Vasil

Why don’t green cleaners like Ecover list all their ingredients?

Sometimes you have to put on waders and trek through a swamp to get a good answer in life. Other times the answer is quick ’n’ dirty, as it is today.


Why don’t most green cleaners, or any cleaning products for that matter, divulge all or any of their ingredients? Simple: no one’s holding a squirt gun to their head.

We now have mandatory ingredient lists on cosmetics (not the case just five years ago), but there’s still no sign of compulsory content listing on dish detergent or toilet bowl cleaners. It’s an outrage, really, considering all the lung-irritating, skin-inflaming, hormone-disrupting, water-pol-luting and cancer-linked cleaning chemicals on the market.

You’d think green cleaners …

Organic insight

Published by Garden Center Magazine on Wednesday, 18 May, 2011

Garden Writers Association Annual Webinar reveals survey findings on natural and organic gardeners

Consumers are more likely to purchase products described as “natural” or “eco-friendly,” according to findings presented at Garden Writers Association’s Annual Webinar ( held March 24. The session, sponsored by Scotts Miracle-Gro, offered an overview of results from a survey conducted by market-research company Ipsos-Reid.


The survey asked participants about “natural” and “conventional” lawn, garden and indoor-insect control products. The “natural” category included products described as “green, organic, natural or eco-friendly.” The products could be homemade or purchased in stores.

Results showed that …

Climate Change and Your Food: What you don’t know will…

Is it how most of us are thinking?

It was amusing but at the same time disturbing reading the below article, so I couldn’t resist to comment. It put me in such writing mood that comment became an article in its own right, so I decided to publish it on my blog.
Please, read the article and if you find it interesting come back to read my reply.

Article published by The Technocon on 4 February 2011 by Reverend De Lorie
Too many people deny that climate change is a problem and from a base point of view you could argue that things happen in nature. Ordinarily that would be fine if climate change was a philosophical discussion as in “Is man ethical?”. Whether or not climate change is naturally occurring or the product of man’s apathy, the effects it is having on our planet is upsetting the balance. It could be possible that no matter what we do now, it is already too late. The first domino has begun to fall and the inertia is too great to stop. We have been talking a lot about green and conservation and how to live a greener lifestyle but the future is going to demand more than that from your family. If you are to survive, you will have to adapt to the changes in our environment.


Here is the thing. If you could see a train heading straight towards you. Would you move or wait until the train smashes you into bits? If you know climate change is having an adverse effect on our way of life and you are not taking precautions. Is it not the same thing as standing on the tracks waiting for the train to crush you?

As the threat becomes more apparent …