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The Latest Technology to Harness Sun Power Becomes Reality – Solar Windows

It’s been a while for solar panels being installed and in use. It is around 139 GWat being generated around the globe and becomes even more popular source of energy every day. With new technologies in producing electricity from solar power and new batteries to store it the World is ever changing. One of those well beyond others is ‘spray on window’ coating converting light into electricity. This is what they say:

Given that sunlight striking the Earth’s surface in just one hour delivers enough energy to power the World for an entire year, the prospect of SolarWindow™ products generating electricity on skyscrapers could be one of the greatest inventions of this century.

Again, a bold statement, but that’s exactly what we are attempting to do. What started out as a concept in 2009 now generates electricity on glass and even flexible plastics.

SolarWindow™ produces 50 times greater electrical energy than rooftop panels, has an independently validated one-year financial payback and can harness energy from shaded, low, and indoor light, when modeled for a 50-story building.

You can read the latest update from SolarWindow and full article here.

Survey Reveals Consumers Not Switched on to LED Lighting

A recent survey by lighting specialists Lamp Shop Online has revealed that although consumers are becoming more aware of the benefits of installing LED lights in the home, take up remains slow.

LEDs have been proven to save consumers cash – the average household energy bill is £1,420 per year and 8% of a typical household’s energy bill is spent on lighting, which means on average lighting the home costs consumers £113.60 each year. By switching to the more energy efficient LED lighting a household’s annual lighting bill could drop to as little as £13.63.

Savings in the business world can also be significant. A small office with only a handful of fluorescent tubes can save around £85.50 a year by switching to LED tubes. The savings for larger office complexes, or buildings with heavy usage can be huge.

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How Can Businesses Use Less Energy?

It’s a common goal nowadays for many home-owners and business owners alike – to become more energy efficient and to positively impact on the environment through our more conscientious behaviour. Being more environmentally friendly doesn’t have to be a chore either – you’d be surprised just how much you can do without even digging into your pockets for investment. Business owners can play a huge part in reducing their energy consumption and by encouraging staff members to join the venture, you can save yourself a great deal of money too.

British Gas for business
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Making green choices isn’t tough thanks to new tech!

Bosses at Green Energy UK have analysed the energy usage of the average Brit and guess what, it’s going up! They say, however, thanks to new technologies and a better understanding of energy saving measures, consumers are now much better equipped to tackle the issue of wasted energy head on.

The electricity company, which buys and sells 100 per cent sustainable energy, has pulled all its thinking into one handy visual to show exactly where our household energy is going. CEO Doug Stewart, explains further and uses the car industry as an analogy of how consumers the nation over could better consider energy use.

Doug says: “The media tells us that petrol sales have decreased by 20 per cent over the past five years and it comes as no real surprise to us. Why? Increasing fuel prices and more fuel efficient cars; that’s why! Replace cars with homes and it is clear to see how this trend could be echoed in the utilities industry.”
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