Alert – Chemtrails

By Liloumace on 27 Sep 2011

From website breathtaking documentary exposé that uncovers the clandestine global geo-engineering operations underway for years.

Under the guise of the “global warming” fear campaign, governments and other corporations have been adding millions of tons of aluminium, barium, strontium, polymers, and other substances to the atmosphere around the world. This has been done without the knowledge or consent of the population!!! What are the effects? How does the ongoing dumping of chemicals into our skies affect the air we breathe, the sunlight we receive, our water and our soil?

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Eco Building Products Continues to Be the Product of Choice With Custom Home Builders

Published by Market Watch on Wednesday 07 September 2011
A custom home builder in Southern California offered Red Shield(TM) protection to their client and they both agreed it was a worthwhile investment. The owner of the construction company was looking for innovative products and has embraced Red Shield(TM) technology to stand out in today’s market. ECOB is shipping from inventory over the next few weeks the entire house package for this custom home located in the gated community of Pelican Hill Newport Beach, California.

The sales and marketing campaigns of Eco Building Products are starting to stand out. In our opinion, an increase in orders from the custom home builders, in the Southern California market, has indicated that Red Shield protection against Mold, Wood Rot, Termites and Value Added Fire is in demand.

“Custom home builders …

Lancashire Eco School children get hands on with natural and thermally efficient building materials

Published by Construction News Portal on Thursday 08 September 2011
St John’s Southworth RC in Nelson, East Lancashire, is an Eco School. The designer, Emma Palmer from Campbell Driver Partnership, has specified building materials which come from natural sources and is keen for the children to have an understanding of the construction process from beginning to end.

Children from St John’s Southworth RC Primary School have been learning about the natural and thermally efficient building materials which are being used to build their new classrooms. Youngsters from the Lomeshaye Road school swapped the classroom for the construction site to see for themselves how their new extension is coming along.

Porotherm BlockAfter having cut the sod, taken part in a health and safety briefing and designed their own safety posters for Accrington-based contractor Rosslee Construction, the children are now being introduced to the two main building components – Wienerberger’s Porotherm thermal clay blocks and Second Nature’s natural insulations, sheep’s wool Thermafleece and Edenbloc recycled carpets.

Emma said: …

You Can

Today I would like to share with you one idea, the idea as old as the Universe but gracefully and with great love given to us – the idea of self-healing.

Louise Hay is one of the few who helps us understand it and use it for change and healing our life. Louise is not different to you or me but she found the way and now share it with love. Most of us may not be able to see or speak with her but she is an author of “You Can Heal Your Life” book which gives you all you need to so.

To help you further Louise Hay put together series of exercises (“Love Yourself, Heal Your Life Workbook”) with Q&S and affirmations.

This interactive workbook is really about change. It directly applies Louise’s techniques of self-love and positive thinking to a wide range of topics that effect us all on a daily basis, including: Health Fears and Phobias, Sex, Self-Esteem, Money and Prosperity, Friendship, Addictive Behaviour, and, Work and Intimacy.
Yes, You Can Heal Your Life

Watch the below video

Carbon Nanotube Based New Solar Thermal Fuel Formulated

Published by Crazy Engineers on Saturday 23 July 2011 by Kunal Mathur
Researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of technology have come up with yet another revolutionary discovery. The team of MIT scientists claims that it has devised a new type of solar thermal fuel. The thing that makes this fuel different and better is that it can store 10,000 times more energy than any other existing fuel or system. Once again, nanotechnology has found its application in this fuel in the form of carbon nanotubes (CNTs) that have been altered a little by azobenzene. This new material can be used as a substitute for the lithium ion batteries since it possesses the same energy per unit volume. It can be charged by exposing it to the sun and can be used for a long period.


The solar thermal fuels capture the sun’s energy in the chemical bonds between the molecules. This energy can be stored indefinitely forever in the fuel. To better understand the charging and discharging phenomenon, consider this example. Suppose that a normal uncharged fuel molecule is in a ground state A initially. As this molecule absorbs the solar thermal energy, the molecule goes from state A to excited state B. This results in a minor change in the geometry of the molecular structure but no chemical reaction occurs. Such molecules are called “photo-switchable”.

As per the thermodynamics, …



Popular Herbicide Blamed in Tree Deaths

Popular herbicide? How plant killer can be popular and considered eco-friendly??? Sadly it can, and it is in agriculture!
But anyway, I’m strong advocate of natural and healthy living and wouldn’t use such thing on my grounds, so anyone who is using such should take full responsibility on it self, regardless of who made it and what does it say on the tin.
American way is to sue and blame everyone but not themselves. I think the Michigan-based Polo Fields Golf & Country Club should now be sorry for using toxic chemicals in the first place, it is THEIR OWN fault ONLY.
Also, claims made by DuPont and the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) that some plant-killing chemical is ‘safe’ to anything is ridiculous and illogical. It would be beneficial to all of us to ignore them both and not use herbicides, pesticides and the like never ever again. It is my opinion, yours might be different.


Here is an article discussing those issues

Published by Green Answers on Sunday 17 July 2011 by Paulina Perlin
Originally considered an eco-friendly alternative to other landscaping products, recently approved and commonly used herbicide Imprelis has been pinned as the prime suspect in the deaths of thousands of eastern white pines and Norway spruces, among other trees, across America.


A product of DuPont, an international company that claims to create sustainable solutions, Imprelis emerged in the market this year, after being conditionally approved by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) last October. Accounts of dying trees came months later, with a cluster of reports surfacing around Memorial Day.

In response to the deaths,…

10 eco products you don’t need

Published by Which? on Monday 18 July 2011
Save hundreds of pounds by leaving these gadgets on the shelf…

Which? today reveals 10 eco products that we think aren’t worth buying, which could help you save £535 by leaving them on the shelf. We also give you alternatives to help you save energy, water and money.

Eco products you don’t need…

There’s a plethora of eco products on the market that promise to slash your power, heating or water bills, but our tests reveal that not all of them deliver on those claims. We sent a range of eco products to our lab for testing, while others went to a user panel for assessment.

To separate the products we think are and aren’t worth investing in, we sent some to our lab for testing, and others to a user panel for assessment. During our tests we found that one product, the Ecotek Energy Wizard, actually did the opposite of what it claims to do – it actually increased the power used by a plasma TV or stereo. And we found that two disposable battery chargers didn’t do the job effectively – even though each could cost you up to £35.

One user whose home didn’t have high water pressure found that the water-saving shower head they tried only provided a disappointing trickle of water to wash under.

Find out the full details of the eco products that we think you can live without…

Can you fact-check “green” home products?

Published by Sign On San Diego on 1st July 2011 – an interview with Jaimi Julian Thompson, a nationally known “green” interior designer, conducted by Lily Leung
How do you know if an eco-friendly product or service is truly “green”?

Are there ways to verify companies’ promises to save you money with their solar panels, bamboo flooring and cabinets?

In an email interview, Thompson gave the Union-Tribune some tips on how to fact-check green products and which have won her approval.

Question: With so much hype in the marketplace, how do you decide if a product is really “green”?

Answer: Many products portrayed as green, fall short when you look at the entire life cycle of the product. I help clients “decode the hype on green,” by looking at five aspects:

  • How does the product’s manufacturing process affect air quality and the environment?
  • Is there any recycled content in the product itself?
  • How much energy does the product use?
  • What is the lifespan of the product before it needs to be replaced?
  • Can the product be recycled after its use, and if so, how?

By looking at every aspect, consumers can create green homes that use less energy, water and natural resources, create less waste, and are more durable and comfortable.

Question: Where can consumers get independent assessments on a product’s “green-ness”?

Answer: Look for independent, third-party verification. LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) is an internationally recognized green building certification system instituted by the U.S. Green Building Council (

Many industry associations …

The Maya of Ethernal Time

I would like to share with you a wonderful video, in its content, where Drunvalo Melchizedek wisely explains what is happening with our world. He talks about Maya and their knowledge, their prophecies, crystal skulls and Atlantis links; the Earth, the Universe and the life and how all of them are connected.

It takes time to watch the whole thing but it is worth it and if this subject interest you, you will not regret.

I put all parts into a play list, so you can watch it in one easy go because every next part will load automatically. Enjoy 🙂


I case you are interested in going deeper into the structure of the Universe, its physics and geometry, here is a phenomenal presentation in this subject. Nassim Haramain scientifically explains how the Universe is built and how it is reflected within us, our (human) activities and the Earth. His lecture touches on Maya and Templar Knights.
He is fantastic and charismatic speaker, so you wont get bored 🙂


Crossing the Event Horizon