Climate Change and Your Food – My Response

This is my comment (which became to long to be posted as such) to the article cited on the blog HERE.

After reading your article I feel that you are concerned much with (what I call) the biggest political hoax in the humanity history called – “Global Warming”. Do you REALLY believe in this? A bit of research and curiosity may bring you answers plus other very much related, interesting findings.


All what you said can be found in newspapers, can be heard on the radio and telly. Media play strong part in seeding bad news, or any that someone needs to convey. They are professionals in doing this and also, please do not forget this, they do what they are told to do, say and show to the general public. This is a controlling mechanism, nothing else but extremely powerful and is taken very seriously by those who sit behind the scene.


We were manipulated for years and we still are and even more. The ‘global warming’ was fantastic opportunity to create a lucrative industry around this global lie (read warming), as big as food and drug industry. Not much money can be made on healthy and happy people but endless abundance of them on sick, obedient and overweight yes. Natural and free energy, available to everyone will not make ruler’s wallets fat. It is a bit more complicated but in the essence it is that simple – money is the greed driver. Nothing else counts.


Any data can manipulated and interpreted to the specific need. Nevertheless, our increased activity in the last century could have have an impact on global life. Cutting down enormous areas of rain forests or GMO food farming and tons of chemicals such as pesticides and herbicides (Roundup) being sprayed widely and used to grow them and kill everything else; over production and huge waste of food. How perverse is trading CO2 quotas instead of minimizing emissions? How many other poisonous gases are emitted to the atmosphere that no one mention? Yes, we as humans are killing our planet, ourselves and lie about it.


Look around you, every invention which could help populations thrive is suppressed but those which bring isolation, sickness, anger, and unhappiness is praised. The God became just a word and very much used up. Very little have true faith.
We became slaves; we gave up our freedom by being obedient, lazy, never question authorities, letting our responsibility for our lives being taken out off us for unrealistic promise of easy, ‘happy’ life. Work – TV – junk food and alcohol – sleep and back to work. More entertainment – spending – back to work to earn more to spend. No more work – than borrow to spend – … here story ends. You are addicted and enslaved living miserable, useless, worthless and stripped of emotions life.


There is no such thing as global warming, it is a term invented for the purpose. The temperature fluctuation happened and was observed many times in the past and the level of CO2 is directly related to the temperature rise or drop (yes, first temperature rises and than the change in the CO2 follows), not other wise and it lags behind about 800 years. Al Gore ‘forgotten’ to mention this ‘minor’ fact in his documentary.
This was measured and researched in the Arctic ice, the oceans bottom and rocks where millions of years are covered. But what causes this to happen?


The greatest CO2 ‘producer’ is … you want guess: the oceans (than follow, in reverse order, all green plants, animals and we come the last). When oceans heat up they release CO2, when they cool down they absorb it back. Because the oceans cover about 71% of our planet and are so deep it takes long time for them to change their total temperature.
The main cause of this is our sun’s activity or its lack, the cosmic space radiation and clouds formation. Higher sun activity, less clouds and temps are rising but this doesn’t happen over night. Cooling happens when sun ‘chills’ down and more clouds are formed, so the climate cools too. This is from another, cloud formation and reasons why research. It took over 10 years for scientists to prove it.


Is it all true? I don’t know but I tend to believe in this for logical and observational reasons. I believe that global warming IS a hoax but this doesn’t mean that we should stop taking care of our Earth. This is all we have.


You have also mentioned a food in the title but not much about it in the article excluding financial connotation of inflation. I’m tempted to say something on how ‘well’ we are fed but if you are interested, please follow links on this blog. It is really terrifying to learn what comes to our tables.


Of course, I’m not an authority or expert, so I backed up myself with videos and links to the sources. I just hope that more people will open their eyes, their ears and will see and hear.


Watch the videos below, do further research and make your own mind.